27 September, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

Hello All,
I've been taking an, originally unattended and then kind of gladly welcomed, 95% break from blogging.....

But then my friend Lisa from A Chance to Bloom contacted me to link up with her new Thankful Thursday blog link up.

I have been overwhelmed with home schooling, life and focusing on the negative, stress, and anxiety of our future and the circumstances that are bringing us there and I need to back off and focus on the good things.
This is a great opportunity to step back and remember the important things on a daily/weekly basis.

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Life is always a little brighter when you count your blessings.

I know I could start out by saying I'm thankful for my family, but I'm always thankful for my family. Today I want to make an effort to be thankful for the things that seem to be a negative or a hassle.

~I am thankful for our government. Well I of all people could start to rattle off a million and one things to complain about it, think about where our country would be if we didn't have a governing body over the nation.

~I am thankful for my ability to vote and that I do vote. We are not controlled by a dictator or someone we are stuck with forever. We have the ability to select a new leader.

~I am thankful for our house and the community we live in. {This may be a general one for most, but umm, yeah not so much for me.} I think it has brought our family closer together under the circumstances and reminds me I'm not that bad of a parent or wife. ;)

~I am thankful for the huge scar on my upper stomach. It's a reminder that skin cancer is not to be taken lightly.

~I am thankful for Naval Medicine. I don't even want to imagine the debt we would have built up if all of our health issues hadn't been covered.

~I am thankful for Southern California's Fall, it makes me even more thankful for the Pacific Northwest. ;) (Did I mention it's suppose to be in the 90's next week??)

~And even though I have always been thankful for the military, and for being a Marine Corps family, I am thankful for the time here in Camp P. {Another hard one to swallow.}
It has taught us A LOT about ourselves and what we really want out of life.


  1. Thank you so much for doing this Marcella! I love how you wrote about things which you really don't like, but are thankful for anyway. You have inspired me to do more of those next week!

  2. I love the thankful thursday idea, it is good to take a step back. We drove through Camp P on our way to San Diego. At least you are at a Cali beach you can (sort of) use. THe water in Monterey is so cold (and we are in month 4 of dense fog. blah). But I am thankful anyways :)

  3. Love this post. I wrote today in my blog how this whole process with uncertainty in my future was God's way of teaching me patience, cause boy, did he do a great job! Praying for you and your family...and I really mean that!

  4. Love this list. There is (almost) ALWAYS a silver lining.


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